Yearclub Council


Uma Geelen (2020) Chairman
Bo Lippinkhof (2021) -
Constance Mersmann (2020) Finance Coordinator
Sophie van Rens (2021) -
Bas Vlemmix (2020) Vice Chairman

Since its founding in 2019 and becoming a council in 2021, the Yearclub Council has been busy helping new members with the forming of their yearclub. They do so by hosting information sessions, gentleman and lady borrels and ensuring yearclubs have what it takes to become official. With this La Confrérie aims to provide more engaged member years with members who form meaningful friendships and connections within the association. After potential yearclubs announce their name and members the Yearclub Council crafts creative and original yearclub assignments to test their dedication to each other and the Brotherhood. One part of the assignment is to host a dinner for an elderly yearclub to motivate the new members to Network with older members. To become an official yearclub, the potential yearclubs need to showcase their completed assignment to both the Yearclub Council and The Board, to then be approved or dismissed. Once approved the potential yearclub can officially call themselves a yearclub, celebrated with an unforgettable night in our oh so beloved Club Bar. 

However, due to the current COVID-19 situations, creative alternatives to afore mentioned activities had to be found to adhere to all government regulations. Therefor the information session, borrels and yearclub inauguration are now hosted online. Despite this rough start for the Yearclub Council, they are doing their utmost best to guide the new members in forming their yearclub.