Introduction Council


Carlien Bak (2020) Chairman
Zoë van den Boezem (2020) Events Coordinator
Claire Kocken (2021) Logistics Coordinator
Jids Lucas (2020) Food & Beverage Coordinator
Noor de Visser (2020) Finance and Commmunications Coordinator
Joy Visser (2020) Vice Chairman

Introduction Council is responsible for the organisation of the introduction period for the first semesters. This period consists of the ‘La Primeur’ events which include the NSA (New Semester Arrival) party, PubCrawl, and La House. With these events, Introduction Council aims to introduce what La Confrérie stands for to the first semesters and allows them to experience the feeling of being a part of this brotherhood. Besides these events, Introduction Council is also responsible for the organisation of the Introduction Weekend. Introduction Council creatively comes up with and plans all activities for the weekend, creating an unforgettable experience for the new semester. The weekend usually takes place at an external location and ends with the traditional and one and only Mostert Meal. During the weekend, Introduction Council works closely together with the Board of La Confrérie, Club Bar Board and Grape Council.