Board of La Confrérie

The Board of La Confrérie, which consists out of seven functions, are the representatives of all her members.

They ensure a healthy development of all operations and safeguard all her interests.

On the 24th of November 2023, Board Peereboom handed over all responsibilities to Board Griever. 


Board Griever

Claire Griever (2022) Chairman
Emma Toutenhoofd (2022) Vice Chairman
Julia Brinkmann (2021) Secretary
Wilhelmus Johannes Henricus Josephus van de Wouw (2021) Treasurer
Thaliyah Mynielle Shanté Lejuez (2021) Public Relations Commissioner
Lotte De Vries (2021) General Commissioner
Meis Ziena Esther van Leeuwen (2021) Soos Commissioner