Corps Le Chai - Since 2020

A proud committee of La Confrèrie is CorpsLeChai. Formerly there were two separate groups, Corps Culinair, and Le Chai, who united in 2020. 

The former Corps Culinair committee is proud to be the oldest committee at La Confrérie as it was established in 1961. At that time it started as a group of culinary enthusiasts battling against hotelschool Maastricht.  
La Confrérie's wine committee, Le Chai, was founded in 1971 and functioned as the center of the "bourgondic" lifestyle. This name was created due to Wine tastings that took place in Bordeaux in the above ground cellar of a chateau. Our committee's motto comes from Le Chai, "In Vino Veritas,” & Corps Hoog which translates to "in wine lies the truth," and is used to raise a toast at meetings, borrels, and other gatherings. 

Currently as CorpsLeChai, we’re a close group of friends that enjoy cooking, sipping fine wine, and planning creative and enjoyable gatherings. Wednesdays are typically the day that these fantastic events are planned.  Our interests are combined to host a variety of creative events, such as mystery box challenges, movie night, wine & cheese tastings, cooking events, Battle of the Sommeliers, Bowl & Sip, Picolympics, costume parties, date diners, etc. In addition, we are always eager to assist La Confrèrie with the Mostert Meal, VIVE, and Grape Dinner across the introductory weekend. 

Overall, we firmly believe that wine and food can unite people across different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. We hope to be able to continue this tradition for many more years because we love what we do.

Some members of Corps Le Chai

EventCie 2024

Events Committee - Since 2023

The Events Committee, also named EventCie is responsible for creating and providing a platform where members can come together due to the unfortunate Soos situation. This group of motivated members organise events widely from sports tournaments, theme parties, and everything in between. 

Sponsor Committee - Since 2022

Together with the PR Commissioner of the Board of La Confrérie, the Sponsor Committee, also named SpoCo, actively seeks out dynamic partnerships with companies that enhance our student experience. 

Being a member of the SpoCo means being part of a team that creates memorable experiences that resonate with a diverse community like ours. Collaborating with committees such as GalaCie and Yearbook Committee, they embark on ventures to uncover unique sponsorship opportunities that set us apart. 

SpoCo 2024


This committee has an essential role within our association, visualizing all great La Confrérie events by making pictures and capturing these moments to become part of our history. For all our curious members, who love to take a peak behind the scenes of the Introduction Weekend, our Annual Gala, Hotello's By Night, and other events, being part of Photocie can be especially interesting!

Some members of PhotoCie

Indie & Thaliyah

PubliCie - since 2017

PubliCie is the PR Committee of La Confrérie. Together with the PR Commissioner of the Board, PubliCie is responsible for the marketing of La Confrérie. In other words, they take care of making the promotions for our online platforms and helping out with our magazine called La Lettre. 

Yearclub Committee - since 2019

In 2019, the Yearclub Council was founded within La Confrérie. However, to make them more approachable Yearclub Council became the Yearclub Committee. 

The members of YC have been busy helping new members with the forming of their yearclub. They do so by hosting information sessions, ''borrels'' and ensuring friend groups have what it takes to become an official yearclub within our Brotherhood. 
With this La Confrérie aims to provide more meaningful friendships and connections within the association. 

Members of Yearclub Committee 2023

Yearbook Committee of Association Years 2022 and 2023

Yearbook Committee

Every 2 years our association publishes the La Confrérie yearbook. The yearbook committee together with the Secretary of the Board of La Confrérie do their best to grasp the full scope of our association in one book, enabling all members to take home a token of their personal La Confrérie era.

Skifrérie Committee

The yearly skiing trip of La Confrérie is organized by the Skifrérie Committee together with the General Commissioner of the Board of La Confrérie, always hosted in week C0. They are focused on choosing a location, promoting the trip, organizing an après ski party in the bar, creating a weekly overview and more. An unforgettable week for all members who will join this amazing trip. 

Members of Skifrérie Committee 2024

GalaCie 2024


One of the biggest annual events of La Confrérie; is the annual gala. This unforgettable evening is a tradition amongst the members of the association. The organization of this event is done together with the unreplaceable Galacie and the General Commissioner of the Board of La Confrérie. They help create the whole festivity by arranging a location, creating the marketing, helping with ticket sales, deciding on the menu, arranging entertainment and so on. 

Change Committee - since 2020

Change is a committee which focuses on social projects and initiatives concerning the community surrounding the association. From initiatives for the elderly and projects that enlighten good actions from La Confrérie to those in need. This committee will provide you with new meaningful experiences that will create a sense of gratitude for members.

Current members of Change Committee

Some members of SportCie

SportCie - since 2020

SportCie is focused on integrating all sports-related activities within our beloved association. The committee is involved with organising sports events such as ice skating, paintballing, bowling etc, as well as the sports team within La Confrérie. An amazing opportunity for all members to meet and socialize outside, and lose the weight, which is gained by drinking all the nightriders, ketel-cassis, beers and bacos. For any questions or ideas, feel free to contact us!

La PromoCie

La PromoCie consists of first-year students who are motivated to help and give back to the association before their first internship placement starts. They help the Introduction Council during the La Primeur to promote La Confrérie during the new semester! La PromoCie also helps to organize events, such as Pub Crawl and La House!

La PromoCie 2024-I