Corps Culinaire
Corps Culinair


Corps Culinair is a proud committee of La Confrèrie. This culinary committee, originally founded in 1982, has found its revival in 2014 and has now established itself as one of the most active committees within our association. 

We are a group of people who have fundamental love for cooking and organizing. Within Corps Culinair we combine these two passions. We organize different types of events, we have done Bubbles Brunch, Monday Evening Dance, Sunday High Tea, Viva Espana and Amuse Markt and we are always ready to help La Confrèrie during the introduction weekend with the Grape Dinner, VIVE and Mostert Meal.

All members are very excited about the events; we truly believe that food brings people
from all different nationalities and cultures together. We love what we do and we
are a close group of friends, hopefully we are able to carry on this tradition for
the following decades.


As long as there is a bar, there must be a Klussie. Perhaps you’ve already noticed them proudly wear their Klussie sweaters at school. This committee likes to work hard at maintaining our oh-so-beloved Club Bar and certainly keeps it ‘gezellig’ with each other. Ladies, don’t let the abundance of men allow you to think that woman can’t join… In fact, they already have a few female members! 

Le Chai

LE CHAI - Since 1971

Le Chai has found its revival this year, bringing back the Burgundy way of life to our association. This wine committee has been extremely active this year, organizing dinners and tastings for all members. “In Vino Veritas” for in wine lies the truth.


PubliCie is the PR Committee of La Confrérie. Together with the PR Commissioner of the Board, PubliCie is responsible for the marketing of La Confrérie. In other words, they take care of making the Weekly’s, the Entre Nous, the Alumni Magazine Alma and helping out with sponsors.  



This committee has an essential role within our association, visualizing all great La Confrérie events by making pictures. For all our curious members, who love to take a peak behind the scenes of the inauguration weekend and other events, being part of Photocie can be especially interesting!


Every year all members are invited to enjoy some of the best nights of the year. The Special Events Committee is responsible for all special events within our beautiful association. Think about the yearly gala where La Confrérie is at its finest, made possible by the Gala Committee!

Special Events Committee
Yearbook Committee


Every 2 years our association publishes the La Confrérie yearbook. The yearbook committee does its best to grasp the full scope of our association in one book, enabling all members to take home a token of their personal La Confrérie era.