Confidential Counsellor

Marjolijn Koppenol

Our confidential counsellor is Marjolijn Koppenol. She is a former student of Hotelschool and La Confrérie alumna. You can get in touch with her via email:

According to different research studies, two out of three students experience sexually transgressive behaviour. We hear it on the news: #metoo, the voice; more stories come out. This all tells us there is a need for extra support.

La Confrérie does not tolerate any form of inappropriate behaviour or unequal treatment. Members who experience undesirable behaviour can get help from a confidential advisor.

Undesirable behaviour can take many forms, such as:
• Sexual harassment/assault, includes unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual
favours or other verbal/non-verbal or physical behaviour of a sexual nature.
• Aggression and violence, include incidents in which a student is mentally or physically
harassed, threatened or attacked, under circumstances that are directly related to their
• Bullying is understood as repeated negative behaviour by fellow La Confrerie members
against which a person cannot (or can no longer) defend himself or herself. This can be
verbal, non-verbal or physical behaviour.
• Discrimination refers to unequal treatment on the basis of race, nationality, gender,
religion or sexual orientation.

La Confrérie is committed to a nurturing, safe and inclusive nature. We are determined to foster an environment in which everyone feels welcome and valued. Hate is never tolerated!

If you experience any form of inappropriate behaviour other than the examples mentioned, or if you are in doubt, you can also contact the confidential advisor.

To stop inappropriate behaviour, it is important that this behaviour is discussed. You can informally do this:

You can contact the person responsible for the inappropriate behaviour and try to find an acceptable solution together. However, it is possible that this does not help or that there are barriers to doing so. In that case, others can be called in, such as a confidential advisor.

What does the confidential counsellor do?

The confidential counsellor will discuss your problem with you in a confidential atmosphere. She will listen, advise and explore with you how the problem can be resolved. In all circumstances, your issue will be treated confidentially and she will only take action if you agree to it. She can also guide you in having conversations with the person with whom you no longer feel safe and possibly with the Board of La Confrérie. The confidential counsellor is not a mediator but a support for our members. The starting point is always your feelings, the fact that you feel intimidated, in whatever way that is. The confidential counsellor will always keep your best interest at heart. You can also choose only to report the case.
If an informal solution is not sufficient, it is possible to submit a formal complaint to the Board of La Confrérie, Hotelschool or if necessary contact the police. The confidential counsellor can support you in this process. It is also possible to submit a complaint directly without the intervention of the confidential counsellor.

Hotelschool also has confidential counsellors in place that you can contact. You can find their names and contact details on the intranet. Most important is that you contact a confidential counsellor when you need to.