Familiale & Verticale



This familiale, also known as AbFab, has been a very active familiale within La Confrerie over the past years by organizing various events, drinks and activities for its members. AbFab stands for being positive, openminded, loyalty and especially having fun with each other. AbFab is still expanding their roots, this journey all begins with being "patsy" which gives a yearclub the opportunity to create a special band with each other and older yearclubs and will result in being part of this memorable family.

FELIX - Since 2006

Familiale Felix was founded on 15 February 2006 and has grown throughout the years to the largest Familiale of La Confrérie. Familiale Felix consists of 22 yearclubs as members and is founded by the ladies yearclubs “Splendid, Puur and Furore”.  Joining Familiale Felix means creating memories with friends for life.

                                                “Alles groen en zilver wat blinkt”



FORTIS - Since 2018

Founded in 2018, Verticale Fortis is young, but bold and unrivaled. It is a pillar of La Confrérie and connects men of the association throughout. With a loud roar and a strong liver, Fortis forges boys of Hotelschool into gentlemen through the comradery of yearclubs. One gentlemen's Yearclub per semester is fortunate enough to be selected as Fortis Apprentices, this is the start of their journey.