Grape Council


Olivier Bonneur (2020) -
Fin Claes (2020) -
Simon Karelse (2021) -
Mitchell Mos (2020) Chairman
Lisa Rempt (2021) Care Council
Anne Richelle (2021) Vice Chairman
Emma Sanders (2020) -
Karlijn stomphorst (2020) -
Carmen Danique Verschoor (2020) Care Council
Daniel Wassenaar (2020) -

Grape Council (GC) is considered to be the group that is well remembered after an inauguration weekend. They are the main contact point between the grapes and La Confrérie as an association during the weekend. Grape council is responsible for guiding the new semester arrivals through their introduction weekends. It’s important that the new students get to know the values and understand what the association is all about, being a brotherhood where everyone is welcome. GC consists of a group of individuals from different semesters. Within GC, there is also Care Council, which are specific individuals that are asked to look after the grapes if certain problems arise. GC is there to look over the students and make sure that nothing happens so the introduction weekend can be run as smoothly as possible.