Sports Teams

General information for the sports teams

All information regarding subscription fee, addresses, and expected training times can be found below depending on the sport. If you are interested in joining the sports teams, we kindly ask you to follow the link below. We will ask for a one-time subscription fee of €25 covering your sports team sweater costs. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to inform us via email or Instagram.


Training: 21:30 - 23:00, Wednesday evening

Adres: HVV, Hogenhoucklaan 37, 2596 TA The Hague

Costs of membership: €25 for block D, from the new academic year onwards we will be charging a fee per semester.

Sweater details: In case you would like to receive a football sweater, you are required to transfer the €25 to the bank details of La Confrérie. You will receive an email that indicates this information. 


Training: Membership offers you to play whenever you prefer. 

Adres: WW, Van Hogenhoucklaan 35, 2596 TA The Hague

Details: The tennis courts are gravel. 

Costs of membership: €120 per year


We have looked into the possibilities for working together with a basketball club. Unfortunately, there is no basketball club close to Scheveningen. As we would still like to provide you the opportunity to play basketball, we have looked into alternatives. There are a couple of courts around Scheveningen and a WhatsApp group chat has been made with people that would like to practice basketball.

Costs of membership: €0


Training: Wednesday evening. The exact time will be communicated later.

Adres: HRC, Theo Mann-Bouwmeesterlaan 800, 2597 HM The Hague

Costs of membership: €140 - € 175 contribution (depending on the amount of subscriptions) + €69 subscription fee (insurance)


The rugby team will only be formed when there is a minimum of 20 sign-ups. In case this is not being met, you will receive a complete refund.


Training: Wednesday evening. The exact time will be communicated later.

Adres: Klein Zwitserland (KZ), Klatteweg 113, 2597 KA The Hague

Costs of membership: €275 per year. This includes training, matches, and extra events organized by KZ. It is also possible to solely attend trainings which comes with a contribution of €200. It is recommended to take the first option.

Details: If you are already a member at KZ, you can still join the sports teams as we will arrange a sports team sweater for you.